SINCE 1947, innovation and technology for lightning protection.

Our story begins in 1947 and the first important intuition of Prof. Mario De Bernardi, founder of Ingelva: the lightning as a result of an electrodynamic and not simply electrostatic phenomenon.

We are speaking of an absolutely innovative definition of lightning, a natural phenomenon originated by the “Corona effect” between the Earth and the ionosphere, the two polarities at the base of the phenomenon.

A phenomenon that can therefore be prevented

Again: a natural phenomenon that occurs between sky and earth (cloud to ground lightning) but also in the opposite direction and therefore between earth and sky (ground to cloud lightning). This discovery is of enormous importance since, in most cases, the cloud to ground lightning branches off (losing power in the individual branches), while the ground to cloud lightning, attracted by the traditional grounding, rises up with all its power.

A Copernican Revolution.

Starting from this observation, supported over the years by countless academic and international scientific community awards and after years of experiments and applications in the field, the Antiimpatto® System began to take shape, initially limited to television antennas and, in the decades to follow, with the thousands of applications worldwide that extended to all its specific protections.

The Antiimpatto® System allows the disintegration of the energy accumulation originated by the Corona effect from its initial phase of lightning formation, before the phenomenon takes on macroscopic proportions and is therefore uncontrollable.

Since the very beginning, the different interpretation of the phenomenon has highlighted the inappropriateness of the traditional systems adopted by the majority of operators in the sector, which become the natural outlet for these energy accumulations: they attract the cloud to ground lightning with the lightning rod and the ground to cloud lightning with the grounding points inserted in the terrain (which thus become, conversely, veritable antennas).

Ingelva has kept the “Straight Line”, faithful to the scientific intuitions of its founder Prof. Mario De Bernardi, distributing its products throughout the world and creating lightning protection systems in all major production sectors, in defense of the most prestigious buildings and artistic heritage in the world.

70 years of history studded with successes and more than 50,000 installations.

September 2019 marks an important turning point for Ingelva: a group of entrepreneurs from northern Italy took control of the company, sharing with Prof. Mario De Bernardi and his family an extremely ambitious Industrial Plan for the years to come: transfer to the new production plant in the industrial area of Gallarate, major investments in human resources, reorganization of production processes, completion and improvement of the product mix and communication aimed at the various targets of identified clients.

In other words, Ingelva 4.0.